About Us

Welcome to Transcend Vintage - your ultimate destination for curated late 90s and 2000s vintage clothing.

 Our Mission: We're not just about fashion; we're about making a statement. A statement that says "Yes" to embracing your unique personal style, and "No" to harming our planet. We aim to empower you to not only stand out in your vintage outfit, but to stand UP for our planet.

The Problem with Fast Fashion: Fast fashion is the second largest polluter of our planet, responsible for about 10% of global carbon emissions - more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. Our planet can no longer afford fast fashion - there is an urgent need for us to protect our planet, for ourselves, and for future generations. 
Why Vintage? Our collections are handpicked treasures from the late '90s and 2000s - a time when clothing was made to last. Unlike fast fashion, our vintage finds promise quality, durability, and unique designs that we just don't see around anymore. Finding unique vintage pieces that really speak to you is the ultimate way to find your unique sense of personal style. 
Our commitment: We're committed to reducing textile waste by maximizing the lifecycle of existing clothing. We advocate for circular fashion, and our planet is calling on you to do it too.  
Join Us: Become part of a movement that values sustainable living and unique expression. Explore our collections and discover pieces that let you stand out while standing up for what's right. By choosing Transcend Vintage, you're not just making a style statement – you're casting a vote for a sustainable future, reducing the demand on the fast fashion industry, and contributing to a greener planet. Together, let's make fashion a force for good.  







Founder of Transcend Vintage


Hello there, loves! 

 I'm Nour, the heart and soul behind Transcend Vintage. I'm passionate about fashion and styling, and I've always loved experimenting with fashion and exploring my sense of personal style.

 A few years ago, I came across a documentary that flipped my world upside down. It shed light on the dark side of fast fashion and its detrimental impact on the environment. This was my "light-bulb" moment. I realized it was time to shake things up and make my love for fashion a bit more... planet-friendly.

 Eager to make a positive change, I set out to make my shopping habits more sustainable. Depop became my go-to destination for discovering unique secondhand gems, and thrift stores became my second home. I even delved into the art of sewing to reimagine my old clothing. 

 Somewhere down the line, my closet turned into a museum of unique vintage pieces that just screamed ME; pieces I curated because I felt drawn to. I was finally starting to nail down my personal style, which led to me feeling more confident in my outfits; more comfortable in my skin. For the first time, I felt like I was expressing my authentic self through my outfits. I became obsessed with finding myself through unique vintage pieces - and encouraging my friends to do the same. 

 As my passion grew, so did my vision. I started selling my carefully curated clothing, and then started to curate for people - with the goal of helping them express their individuality and personal style. The more I thrived in this world, the more I fell in love with the art of curation.  

 I'm beyond excited to share my love for vintage, circular fashion with you - and to (hopefully!) help you discover and express your unique style. Transcend Vintage is not just about clothing; it's a celebration of the circular life of each garment. 

 Thank you for joining me on this journey of transcending fast fashion. Let's dive into vintage heaven together and find those killer pieces that scream 'you'. It's all about having fun, expressing yourself, and yeah, doing a solid for our beautiful planet. 

With love and gratitude,